Additional personalized sticker for TORI lamp

Additional personalized sticker for TORI lamp

70,00 IVA inclusa

The stickers make TORI lamp unique especially if it is a personalized sticker with the whole design.

Do you want to add a personalized sticker to the purchase of your TORI lamp?

Or have you already bought TORI lamp and now you have decided you want to change the sticker?

Send us your drawing: within 24 hours we will let you know if it is suitable for making the sticker and you can proceed with the purchase.

Use the form in the product description (further down) to upload the file and write your email.


Fill in the following fields to send us your design: within 24 hours we will let you know if the proposed design is suitable for Tori lamp.

    The stickers are made of vinyl and arrive ready to be applied to your TORI lamp.

    2 stickers with the same design are provided.

    Follow the instructions at the following link to remove the previous sticker and apply the new one:

    – TORI lamp istruction –

    Please note: used adhesive cannot generally be reused.


    For any doubts do not hesitate to contact us by email, via What’s app (button at the bottom left) or via the appropriate form on the page Contact

    Additional information

    Weight 0,3 kg
    Dimensions 10 × 10 × 1 cm


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