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Winning project of the Wort Partnership Project 2020-2021

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The idea

A couple of years ago, a short scene from a movie had an incredible visual impact on me. I was watching a movie at home with my wife in which a chest was opened revealing a long-sought treasure. As the lid of the chest was slowly lifted, a dazzling light gradually illuminated the entire room.

Dimmenso’s idea had been in my mind for some time but I still hadn’t found the right moment to make it happen. Worth Partnership Project gave me this opportunity by allowing me to find the partner I needed and by believing in the project.

How it was born

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wirelle charger dimmenso lamp
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It was clear from the start, our goal was to produce a simple and beautiful lamp that was compact, portable and practical. Features were to include a wireless charger, Bluetooth speakers, and an internal battery.

The creative process

The challenge

The challenge was to find the right internal components to keep the small dimensions conceived in the original project and to make all the parts coexist without interference of any kind. It was solved after much research, finding the right suppliers and ideal collaborators.

DIMMENSO is a project which is still under construction

After having made two fully functional prototypes, before being able to officially launch the product there is a need to improve some functions, refine others and optimize everything for mass production. A process that every object must go through but in this case, more than others, given the quantity of components present, the small size of the object and the functionality required and the quality that Mauino Design absolutely does not want to give up, times inevitably lengthen.
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