Japanese style freestanding bathtub with large dimensions

The True Ofuro Duo bathtub is a very deep and elegant Japanese-style freestanding bathtub, designed specifically for a relaxing experience of total immersion.


Skills, programs
  • Design
  • Rhinoceros
  • Product Design
  • Bathroom furniture
  • Aquatica Plumbing Group

This traditional bathtub, ofuro-style but with a modern design, is the perfect choice for those who know how to appreciate the benefits of bathing in hot water. Equipped with an integrated headrest, the Aquatica True Ofuro Duo bathtub allows you to shake off the worries of the day and restore yourself by offering you exceptional comfort, deep and aromatic.

Immersion in the warm waters of the True Ofuro Duo may seem enjoyable on its own, but we at Aquatica have come up with all the options that can enhance your bathing experience with additional equipment and accessories – you can add our own heating and water circulation system Tranquility, the coordinated mat, the steps to facilitate entry and the table for accessories with towel rail

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